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  • Limited Time Collection
  • Limited Time Collection
  • Limited Time Collection
  • Limited Time Collection

Wave Hello to our Limited Time Collections 🌊

  • All the Modificaitons

    Our limited time bundles still come with all the great modifications that make our custom keyboards sound and feel great. From taping and foaming our boards to tuning the stabilisers- and don't forget expertly pre-lubed and filmed switches.

  • The Complete Setup

    Our bundles include everything you need to completely refresh and upgrade your setup. A complete, ready out the box custom keyboard with stylised keycaps, colour matched cable and accessories too.

  • No Time Wasted

    These bundles are not a group buy! There's no endless wait times like your typical pre-order, simply place your order within the time frame, get your allocated completion date and receive it soon after.

Dive into the complete collection.

Blue Wave Collection

Regular price $258.00 USD
Sale price $258.00 USD Regular price $175.00

Introducing the Blue Wave Collection

  • Expertly lubed switches with Krytox 205g0 or Tribosys 3204, filmed with TX switch films. Thick case foam, PE foam and tempest tape mod applied and hand tuned plate mounted stabilisers all in a premium high-profile ABS case.
  • High quality ABS deep blue Samurai Keycaps set in an ANSI layout with black modifiers accented with golden legends.
  • 3XL water-resistant, reinforced edge stitching deskmat with a Blue Wave design provides optimal comfort, resilience and effortless friction-free gaming.
  • A premium, hand-made blue Orca Wave acrylic/resin wrist rest.
  • Baby Blue coiled cable with GX16 aviator and USB Type-C to USB connection.

These bundles will be fulfilled before November 2023 and orders are accepted up until the late October 2023.  Availability whilst stock lasts.

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    Each keyboard is assembled, modded and tested by hand with our small, passionate team.

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    Support available all hours, every day of the week to help solve any queries or questions.

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    Eco-conscious choice with our sustainability commitments. Make a difference with your purchase.

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