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Blue Wave 60%

Unmatched Experience.

Our Blue Wave 60% comes with all the tuning, modifications and upgrades done by hand that makes our custom keyboards sound and feel amazing and like nothing your used to from the big brands.

Blue Wave Collection - Ascend Keyboards

Beautiful colourways.

Our Blue Wave 60% features a black ABS case and frame complimented by a deep blue set of japanese inspired keycaps accented by black and gold modifiers.

Blue Wave Collection - Ascend Keyboards
  • Built By Hand

    Every switch lubed and filmed by hand, every keyboard modded one by one - we take no shortcuts in perfecting our custom builds, and it results in an unparalleled typing experience.

  • Exceptional Quality

    Built, modded and tested by our expert team ensuring you get a complete hand-built custom keyboard experience ready for you out of the box.

  • Sustainability

    We are conscious of the impact we leave behind and so we donate a percentage of revenue from every custom build sale towards sustainable causes we and our community believe in.

  • Quick Support

    Fast and informative support whenever theres a problem - we know things unexpected happen and we try our best to deliver quick and helpful support.

  • The sound/feel & general typing experience on this board is truly amazing. Small passionate team that create a fantastic experience and provide a great product. This is definitely a great starting point to the custom keyboard market.

  • Ascend Keyboards crafts bespoke mechanical keyboards for gamers, enthusiasts and professionals. Their unique and customisable products provide innovative, game-changing designs with sustainable solutions.

  • Great service, genuinely lovely and superb team of employees. Quality of products are in perfect condition a year later. No scratches regardless of heavy use or not. Really amazing. Best keyboard I have ever gotten.

Avg. Fulfilment Time: 6-11 Days
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Sale price £129.99 GBP Regular price £129.99

Case: Premium High-Profile ABS Case, dense fibreglass plate, thick case and plate foam.
Structure: Tray mounted, ANSI Layout.
Weight: Approx. 1.10kg
Keycaps: Premium PBT DYE-Sub Material
PCB: GK61X with applied tempest tape mod.
Stabilisers: Plate Mounted Stabilisers, hand lubed, clipped and tuned.
Switches: Gateron Blacks, Yellows or Oil Kings hand lubed with Krytox 205g0 and TX Films.

Final assembly completed by hand in the United Kingdom.
All products are quality assured and tested before fulfilment.

We aim to build our pre-configured custom keyboards within 7-14 days depending on the speed of delivery of components (if necessary)

Shipping beyond that depends on order location. Domestic UK deliveries will take 1-2 days whereas international deliveries may take up to 10 days depending on the distance to the destination country.

(Optional) Coiled Cable
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