Keyboard Guide


The Starter 60%

The Starter 60% provides a fully modified experience, at a price less than “traditional” gaming keyboards from the big brands.

With modifications that push the limits in features: an O-Ring Gasket feel, expertly lubed and filmed switches, lubed and tuned stabilizers, tape mod and foam mod. The Starter 60 provides that satisfying thocky experience whilst still being under budget. 


The Advancer A2 65%

An outstanding upgrade on our old Advancer A1 65% LK67 model for the same price point.

The A2 Advancer 65% provides an immaculate and satisfying typing experience with a premium CNC Aluminium case (yes, thats right!), compact 65% layout, metal rotary knob whilst also including our classic tempest tape mods, foam mods, lubed and tuned stabilisers, IPXE shaft bottom pads and expertly lubed and filmed switches.

The Advancer A2 65% - Ascend Keyboards

The TKL 80%

We know that well-spec'd, well priced TKLs are hard to come across. Introducing The TKL 80% by Ascend, a thocky yet retro experience with arrow keys we have grown to love. With modifications that bring out the premium touch and sound, its the perfect keyboard for any setup.

Featuring our classic tempest tape mods, foam mods, lubed and tuned stabilisers and expertly lubed and filmed switches.

The TKL 80% - Ascend Keyboards
an unmatched premium experience.

Q1 75% Ascend Edition

The Q1, our most premium bespoke keyboard to date. Premium gasket mount aluminium keyboard with a 75% layout, RGB and a rotary knob. Comes in Black, Silver and Navy colour options. Based off of the popular 'Keychron Q1 QMK' keyboard.

Comes with expertly lubed and filmed switches, lubed and tuned stabilisers, tempest tape mod, thick plate and case foam, force break mod with additional QMK/VIA compatibility.

Q1 75% Ascend Edition - Ascend Keyboards

    Build your keyboard for a performance gaming setup. Response time, actuation force and speed are the most prominent factors in switches for customers looking to take every possible advantage with their custom builds.

    Build a Performance Keyboard

    There are no right or wrong options when it comes to mechanical keyboards. Practicality can come hand in hand with accessibility- switches and keyboards with a more tactile feel can be helpful for those with sensory issues.

    Build a Practical Keyboard

    Custom mechanical boards aren't only reserved for gamers. Professional use through silent switches to dampen the sound provides a premium, satisfying typing experience without the compromise of loud acoustics.

    Build a Professional Keyboard