Buy Guide (Switches)

We mainly use gateron switches for most of our builds! But what sets us apart is that we lube and film our switches! This leads the switches to have a better sound profile and have a smoother touch.

Gateron has dozens of switches available in its lineup including the standard Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Black, Yellow switches and their own unique Gateron Milk, Ink, Low-Profile, and Silent switch designs.

Regardless of the type of Gateron switch, you can rest assured that you will get a 50 million keystroke lifespan for each switch. Gateron is known to have some of the smoothest keystrokes on the market.

Certain less main stream switches or switches that come in drops are not listed due to the lack of a steady supply of products! If you want a switch that isn't listed please drop us a message on our discord server for a custom order.

  • Gateron Yellow (Budget Linear Choice)
  • Gateron Black (Heavy Linear Choice)
  • Gateron Brown (Tactile Choice)
  • Gateron Red (Most Common Linear)
  • Gateron Blue (Clicky Choice)
  • Gateron Ink Blacks (Best Linear Choice)

Why Do We Lube Your Switches? 

Switches have a number of internal parts that rub against each other with every press. The stem moves against the top housing, sliders and stem holder in the bottom housing, the spring, and the metal contact leaf. Each of these points of contact generate friction and can be quite noticeable depending on the material and quality of the switch itself. Lube reduces that contact friction and transforms the switch into a more ideal press without distractions.

Lube affects the sound in two ways—by dampening the internal contact points of switch and softening the surfaces that the sound bounces off inside. The result, which depends on the amount and type of lube applied, is a sound that is deeper, more muted, and/or "thockier." It can also reduce the metallic ping of springs as well when applied there.

Switches straight from the factory are often pre-lubed to some degree and is usually little more than a small glob on each slider. Going in with a brush to evenly lube the internals of a switch will result in a much more consistent key press across the keyboard.

Why Do We Mod Your Stablizers? 

Modding your stabilizers will reduce the rattling, mushiness, and scratchiness of your current stabilizers, which will lead to an big improvement in sound quality and feel of your keyboard. On a side note, it can be super difficult describing the changes in words, so I’ll have to rely on some bad-sounding adjectives to get the point across.

Upgrading your stabilizers is almost as good of an improvement to your keyboard as lubing your switches. Most keyboards typically slack when it comes to the stabilizer department, I don’t know why, but most manufacturers just don’t put enough love into making sure their stabilizers are stable, smooth, and sexy. Probably because they are the most exciting component, even though they make a huge impact on the typing experience.