More About Us!

Learn a bit more about our team here at Ascend Keyboards And the people who make it possible


Find out what happens when you order!  

1. Place your order

First, we review your orders then order parts or take them out of inventory. This item processing tends to take around 1-3 buisness days

2. Transport

Then your item gets shipped over to our facility this takes around 8 days if the item is not stocked. 

3. Assembly

Then we build the keyboard, this includes lubing switches; tuning stabilizers; adding case foam, and soldering. This process is the most time-intensive and normally takes around 2-4 hours.  

4. Dispatch

Finally, we package up the product and ship the product out using our carriers Royal Mail and UPS. EU Delivery takes 1-3 days whilst the rest of the world 5-7 days.  

5. Unboxing

Probably the most exciting moment of this journey as you unpackage your new keyboard and feel customization at your fingertips for the first time.

6. Support

Join our discord channel for support on all our products. This could be general inquiries or issues with your order. We are always here to help.

Why no keycaps?

Many people wonder why for most of our keyboards we don't include keycaps, this is because from our survey most people end up buying their own keycaps to replace them. So we decided to remove keycaps so our prices can be as low as possible!

But we do offer keycaps in our store for you to bundle along with your order with no extra shipping cost!


The people behind your very order!




Hello I am Clozi6! Founder of Ascend Keyboards. My vision is to bridge the pricy gap between stock keyboards and custom keyboards.



Keyboard Builder

Hello I am ShadowStorm! I help build the boards here at Ascend Keyboards and also do some soldering work.



Switch Luber

Hi my name is Jayden! I specialise in switch lubing for Ascend Keyboards.