Frequently Asked Questions

Custom keyboards allow a more versatile range of options compared to your traditional prebuilt keyboard. Lubed switches and tuning of the board allow for a better feel and audio feedback from your keyboard leading to a more pleasant typing experience. (Many have said that they rather type without headphones!)

The only keyboard we sell with keycaps is the Ascend GK61. For all other keyboards, we found that most people tend to buy keycaps from else where, therefore we can lower the price of the item and let you save some money by not including them with your keyboard. Of course, we also have our own range of keycaps which you can explore on our store!

Our products are shipped to all destinations within the EU/EEA

We also ship to most global destinations. Using our delivery partners we are able to ship to the vast majority of international countries, but we recommend you consult your local services to see if imports are allowed.

Any other questions for us?

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