The TKL - Ascend Keyboards
The TKL - Ascend Keyboards
The TKL - Ascend Keyboards
The TKL - Ascend Keyboards
The TKL 80%

The TKL 80%

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Struggling to find a fully modified TKL at an affordable price? 

We know that well-speced well priced TKLs are hard to find. Introducing The TKL, a thocky yet retro experience with arrow keys we have grown to love. With modifications that bring out the premium touch and sound, The TKL is the bang for your buck TKL that you are missing in your setup. 

  • Expert lubed switches with Krytox 205g0 or Tribosys 3204, filmed with TX switch film
  • Thick case foam and PE foam applied. Case foam prevents pinging and complements the TKL by developing a nice thocky sound signature and PE foam creates the ‘premium sound’
  • Hand tuned stabilisers, hand lubed, clipped, tape mod, and each stabilisers tuned with syringe
  • Tempest tape mod applied makes a more muted but poppy sound signature
  • ANSI Layout, Dense fiberglass plate, Plate mounted stabilizers
  • Premium high-profile ABS case

Note: This Keyboard comes with a North facing PCB Cherry profile keycaps might see interference.  


    As many choose to replace the default keycaps anyway, the TKL does not include keycaps.


    Ascend does however have a great selection of ABS and PBT keycaps available here:

    Lubed/Filmed Switch orders are usually fulfilled within a week, or two weeks internationally. Stabiliser orders are fulfilled in a few days domestically, or just over a week internationally. This could fluctuate depending on stock availability and demand.

    Deskpads, cables and keycaps are usually within 14 days including delivery. All other orders are typically fulfilled within 45 days, although more often than not, they are fulfilled much sooner. 

    Custom Keyboards are made to order, there is a lead time involved in getting the right kits, lubing and filming the switches, modding the stabilisers, quality assurance and packaging. This can take a month or two to complete, which is expected for bespoke goods of high quality.

    Note: All given dates are under normal circumstances. Delays are currently in place across all orders because of global supply chain problems. These terms are agreed upon placing an order with us.

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