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The TKL is our tenkeyless option, compact like the 60% but with the added functionality of arrow and f-keys it provides a fantastic retro vibe to your setup and brings back the arrow keys we have all grown to love. Our TKL features:

  • Hand lubed switches with either krytox 205g0 or Tribosys 3204, filmed with TX switch film
  • Case foam mod applied to the case and plate, Isolating any pinging that may occur.
  • Hand tuned stabilisers, clipped to reduce rattle, hand lubed with permatex and krytox. With standard tape mod to ensure less rattle.
  • Tempest tape mod applied to give the board a high end sound profile. 
  • Sandwich mount 
  • ANSI Layout
  • Plate-mounted stabilizers
  • High-profile ABS case
  • Dense fibreglass plate
  • Note: This Keyboard comes with a North facing PCB Cherry profile keycaps might see interference.  


As many choose to replace the default keycaps anyway, the TKL does not include keycaps,


Ascend does however have a great selection of ABS and PBT keycaps available here:

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