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The Starter 60%

The Starter 60%

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A fully modified keyboard that costs less than the big brands?

The Starter 60 provides a fully modified experience, at a price less than “traditional” gaming keyboards from the big brands. With modifications that push the limits in features, O-ring Gasket feel, Lubed and filmed switches, tuned stabilizers, Tape mod, and PE foam. The Starter 60 provides that satisfying thocky experience whilst still being under budget. 

  • O-rings have been mounted to mimic a semi-gasket feel to adding bounce/flexibility to the board
  • Expert lubed switches with Krytox 205g0 or Tribosys 3204, filmed with TX switch film
  • Thick case foam and PE foam applied. Case foam prevents pinging and PE foam creates the ‘premium sound’
  • Hand tuned stabilisers, hand lubed, clipped, tape mod, and each stabilisers tuned with syringe
  • Tempest tape mod applied makes a more muted but poppy sound signature
  • ANSI Layout, Dense fiberglass plate, Plate mounted stabilizers
  • Premium high-profile ABS case

Note: This Keyboard comes with a North facing PCB Cherry profile keycaps might see interference.  


    As many choose to replace the default keycaps anyway, the Starter 60 does not include keycaps,


    Ascend does however have a great selection of ABS and PBT keycaps available here:

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