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A step up from the GK61, the Starter 60 provides an immaculate and satisfying typing experience within a reasonable price point. Perfect for those new to the custom keyboard scene, this is a substantial upgrade from your traditional ‘gaming’ keyboard. The Starter 60 features:

✅ 5-pin hotswappable PCB compatible with any MX-style mechanical switches.
✅ High-profile ABS case.
✅ 1.5mm aluminium plate.
✅ Plate-mounted stabilizers.
✅ ANSI layout.
✅ Stabilizers hand-lubed with krytox 205g0.
✅ Clipped stabilizers, making them less wobbly/mushy/unstable. • Stabilizers have also been band-aid modded which in addition to the krytox 205g0, further ensures that you won’t have a rattly space bar.
✅ The ABS case has been filled with case foam so that the keyboard gives off a deeper and more bassy sound whilst also dampening the sound of the metallic plate as well as mitigating spring ping coming from the switches.
✅ O-rings have been mounted on the screws between the plate and the PCB, proving a semi-gasket mount feel.
✅ At no extra cost the switches have also been hand-lubed with krytox 205g0.


As many choose to replace the default keycaps anyway, the Starter 60 does not include keycaps,


Ascend does however have a great selection of ABS and PBT keycaps available here: