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[PBT] Bento Inspired Black n White Keycap Set (160 Keys)

[PBT] Bento Inspired Black n White Keycap Set (160 Keys)

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Inspired by the popular Bento keycaps set, we bring you the Bento Inspired Black n White set for a very low price.

Note :  *Under certain lighting conditions product might have a navy tint*
  • 155 KEYS: 108 Keys + 47 keys modifiers, allowing you a full compatibility with 60%,65%,75% and 100% form factor keyboards.
  •  Cherry Profile
  • ✅ PBT Material
  • ✅ ANSI : Compatibility with Ansi Us International 
  • ✅ DYE SUB Legend , 1.5 mm thick 
  • ✅ KEYPULLER: Wire keycap puller included.
  • ✅ Compatibility with Cherry MX, Kailh Box, Gateron, Outemu mechanical gaming switches.
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