[PBT] Black on Orange Keycaps Set (61 Keys)

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Brand: FEKER
Name: PBT Sublimation Keycaps
Key caps: 61 keys
Material: PBT
Ergonomic support: yes
Printing Method: thermal sublimation process
1. Key short, input fast.
2. DSA height, short key cap.
3. R1, R2, R3, and R4 are the same.
4. PBT material, thermal sublimation process, a little grainy feeling, not easy to shine as ABS material.
5. The key is concave, which is closer to the finger.
6. The surface texture is frosted, the color is bright, the font is bigger, the font is clearer.
7. Color brighter and not easy to fade off. And it doesn't support light shining through.
8. Matte design makes the key cap not easy to stick sweat, appearance more texture.