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Ascend Keyboards

Ascend GK61

Ascend GK61

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The stock GK61 is already a great option for your first mechanical keyboard and is one of the most popular 60% hotswap keyboards on the market as it features: 

  • Optical hotswappable PCB compatible with any MX-style optical switches.
  • High-profile ABS case.
  • 1.5mm thick fibreglass plate.
  • Plate-mounted stabilizers.
  • OEM Double Shot ABS Keycaps.
  • ANSI layout.


Ascend has added a bit of spice to the GK61 and while still matching the Amazon price for the stock GK61, it also includes:  

  • Stabilizers hand-lubed with krytox 205g0 and permatex.
  • Clipped stabilizers, making them less wobbly/mushy/unstable.
  • Stabilizers have also been band-aid modded which in addition to the krytox 205g0.
  • The ABS case has been filled with case foam so that the keyboard gives off a deeper and more bassy sound whilst also dampening the sound of the metallic plate as well as mitigating spring ping coming from the switches.


The GK61 is only hot-swappable with optical switches, If you’d instead prefer a keyboard that is hot-swappable with mechanical switches, check out ‘The Starter 60%’ here:


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