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Ascend Keyboards

90 Pre-Lubed Switches

90 Pre-Lubed Switches

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If you need a special switch lubed just message us on our discord server!

Pick any switch and have it lubed. This is the Ascend Keyboards Lubing Service.

Choose your switch. We will order the switches, professionally lube them with the recommended lube, and ship them out to you.

Buy Guide - 

205g0 is a thick lube with a consistency similar to peanut butter and is usually used for linear switches which turn out really smooth.

3204 is slightly less vicious than 205g0 and is recommended for tactiles and linears.

3203 is the runniest of the bunch. It is a thin lube often used on tactile switches.

If you need help picking lube, join our discord and someone can help!

All of our switches are hand lubed by our team.

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