Rotary Knob

Quality Knob that serves multiple purposes

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Designed for you

Quality Build

6063 Aluminum
The encoder is manufactured using high-quality 6063 Aluminum. Ensuring quality to the most basic step.

High Quality Anodization
Each machined part is perfectly anodized in two colors E-White or Black.

Secure In Place
With our custom rubber base to avoid slipping.

Let's talk specs!

Top of the line encoder
The Rotary Knob uses a Alps Ec11 Encoder that ensures a smooth rotation whilst allowing for click inputs.

Completely Wireless
Using a custom-designed special Bluetooth compatible PCB, the rotary knob can be used completely wirelessly!

Long Lasting Battery Life
The Rotary Knob includes a high-capacity battery that allows up to 50 hours of use at a time. Ensure that your desk stays wired free for extended amounts of time.