Customer Reviews

Will B. (Google)

The product its self is phenomenal.

I love the sound, the feel and the consistency of the keyboard and mods that have been done to it. It definitely doesn't feel amateur and is the perfect first custom keyboard I could recommend to anyone.

Jimmy C. (Google)

Whats the difference with a custom keyboard?

The answer is theres an incredible difference, the sound/feel & general typing experience on this board is truly amazing. You'd be crazy not to choose an ascend board over some top model brands.

Kion G. (Google)

Order Experience

Ordered a keyboard and it came about 2 months later but it was well worth the wait... it feels and sounds amazing compared to the Blackwidow 2013 I had been using for many years. Recommend these guys if you want a custom board.

Customer Reviews

Jack S. (Google)

I ordered the Starter 60%..

With Ink Blacks to replace my other keyboard and I am in love with this thing. Everything is perfect, I'm so happy with what I received along with the amazing customer service I received in their Discord.

Zach. O (Google)

Order Experience

The company is well organised with great reasonable prices for keyboards, switches, keycaps I got my keyboard today and typing with it is amazing! The staff members are really nice to talk to and are really helpful in the discord.

Stijn H. (TrustPilot)

Perfect service & quality

Great service, genuinely lovely employees. The owner of this company is an amazing guy leading a superb team of employees. Quality of products are in perfect condition a year later. No scratches regardless of heavy use or not.