Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions which are commonly asked by customers and website visitors:

Do you ship Internationally?
- Yes, we do. Although please note that some locations may have more expensive shipping costs than others.

What currency are your products priced in?
- All of our products are priced in Great British Pounds

Why are your keyboards so expensive?
- Our keyboards are created with High Quality components and are put together by experienced hands. These are custom lubed and filmed so it takes a lot of time to build. We can guarantee that your Ascend Keyboards' Custom Keyboard will not disappoint.

Why should I buy one of your keyboards instead of a pre-built or Hotswap?
- A custom build has a much higher build quality than a Pre-Built or Hotswap and also allow for more customizability, meaning you can change practically every part to your taste and style.

For beginners, it can also be difficult to build a keyboard as it requires multiple tools (soldering iron, lube and brushes, etc.), which is why we offer the build services.

Where can I contact you for a custom build?
- You can @Clozi6 #6016 on Discord from this link or email us at or on our instagram . We will try to get back to you as soon as possible in order to organize your custom built keyboard, where we will assist you in picking every part, right down to the PCB.

Do your keyboards come with keycaps?
- The only keyboards we sell with keycaps are the Ascend GK61 Rebrand. For all other keyboards, you will need to purchase them separately on our store or elsewhere.

Can I review your keyboard?
- For most people we will not be able to send out a keyboard. Only select creators, pro players, etc. will be eligible for a keyboard to review.

Our Socials

-You can keep in touch with us through our social media accounts and our support server on Discord. Simply search for Ascend Keyboards Business on your favorite apps, or click the links at the bottom of this page.

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